Learning about everything CAKE!

I am not sure if I have mentioned how I learned to do the stuff I do with cakes. I actually learned by reading other blogs and articles online as well as through books. I am a a visual learner, therefore, I learn by seeing. With this I learned the majority of what I know from YouTube. But now I am very excited that I have found something new to help me on my cake decorating journey.  It is a website called Craftsy.

If you love (want to learn) how to quilt, sew, art, photography or cake decorating, you need to check this website out. You can sign up for classes and take them all online and at your own pace. Click here for the link. 

When I signed up I got a FREE mini- class. I was so exited. The instructor goes over all the basics, like making buttercream, trimming the cake, layering the cake, putting the cake together and texture and deco.

Although I have a favorite buttercream recipe that I use and I know how to put the cake together, it is really nice to see other ways of doing it and getting new tips. I learned a few things on here that I will certainly be implementing on my upcoming cakes.

I can not wait to try the class called Advanced Fondant Techniques. It looks like so much fun! You can go here to sign up for this class! 

This week they are also having a new class called The Art of Airbrushing…on cakes that is! One of my friends does this and I think it would be awesome to learn how.  Here is the link for this class.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day!!


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