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Basketball Cake

Around this time last year I got a request from an old friend to make her daughter’s birthday cake for her 11th birthday. He daughter is a huge basketball fan and her favorite team is the Celtics.  This is what I came up with.

2012-08-11 12.47.23

Kya is her name and the number 4 is her number on her basketball jersey. The basketball and jersey are covered in fondant and the rest of the cake is buttercream.                       2012-08-11 12.46.26

When I first saw this idea I thought it would be very easy to do. Of course, this time around, my fondant was not cooperating with me. It kept on tearing and cracking. I really wanted the “folds” on the jersey to be pronounced.

My first attempt at the jersey just didn’t look good. Too small…too unrealistic. So with about 2 hours left on the clock….I re-did the entire jersey. I re-made my fondant and started all over again on the jersey. With just 5 minutes to spare, I finished it up and my friend arrived for pick up. Whew that was a close one.

You just never know how your fondant will turn out…even if you follow the same recipe time after time!

The cake was hit! Kya loved it!

Sand Pail Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

Today I would like to share with you my sand pail birthday cake and cupcakes. This had to be the funnest and best cake I have ever done.

Bucket Cake and Cupcakes

Everything on the cake was edible and the cupcake fish were sticks.


When I did this cake, it was the first time I worked with modeling chocolate. It is so much fun to work with! I became addicted to it. The crab, octopus and starfish are all made of modeling chocolate. I have to admit I did have some help from my husband on the little critters. He is the artistic one!

DSCN7797 DSCN7800 DSCN77992012-06-23 16.37.16 2012-06-23 16.37.42

Learning about everything CAKE!

I am not sure if I have mentioned how I learned to do the stuff I do with cakes. I actually learned by reading other blogs and articles online as well as through books. I am a a visual learner, therefore, I learn by seeing. With this I learned the majority of what I know from YouTube. But now I am very excited that I have found something new to help me on my cake decorating journey.  It is a website called Craftsy.

If you love (want to learn) how to quilt, sew, art, photography or cake decorating, you need to check this website out. You can sign up for classes and take them all online and at your own pace. Click here for the link. 

When I signed up I got a FREE mini- class. I was so exited. The instructor goes over all the basics, like making buttercream, trimming the cake, layering the cake, putting the cake together and texture and deco.

Although I have a favorite buttercream recipe that I use and I know how to put the cake together, it is really nice to see other ways of doing it and getting new tips. I learned a few things on here that I will certainly be implementing on my upcoming cakes.

I can not wait to try the class called Advanced Fondant Techniques. It looks like so much fun! You can go here to sign up for this class! 

This week they are also having a new class called The Art of Airbrushing…on cakes that is! One of my friends does this and I think it would be awesome to learn how.  Here is the link for this class.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day!!

Batman Cake

Hello everyone! Sorry I have not posted in awhile. Little princess started preschool a few weeks ago and along with that comes all the sicknesses. We have all been sick with a bad cold and cough. Although everyone else is mended, mommy dear is still fighting it. Apparently my immune system is not as good as I thought. 😦

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all my batman cake that I made for my Godson back in December. He loves Batman and requested a Batman cake.



This was probably the easiest cake I have make thus far.

Keep checking back for some more of my edible art! 🙂

Dora Cake take 2

Hello everyone! Here is my second fondant covered cake. It is pretty much the same as the other Dora cake except that both tiers were purple. The cupcakes also have different tops and the “grass” was piped on a little bit differently. This cake you are able to to see that I used less buttercream under the fondant so it is not so “lumpy”.


Preschool Orientation

The time has come…my first baby is starting preschool. Little Miss had her preschool orientation this evening. She actually went to the classroom and played with the other kids while daddy, little guy and I stayed in the main hall with the preschool director. For the first time, she went into the other room and played without us practically forcing her to go and play. She did it all on her own. Little Miss really impressed us. I guess she really is growing up. 😦   She is very excited to start school. I am praying that the excitement doesn’t wear off once she starts going week after week. She will only be going 3 days a week for 4 hours a day but that is a big step for both of us since I have been home with her since she was born. Nearly 2 years ago I joined a MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers) (  and she was able to go into a classroom and learn about God, do crafts, sing, read, play and most importantly, learn to socialize with other kids. Another really important thing she learned along the way was that momma always came back. That is was okay to be away from momma for awhile. The thing is, this separation was only for 2.5 hours every other week during the school year and I was just down the hall in the sanctuary. During preschool, she will be gone for 4 long hours 3 times a week and I will not be down the hall in case she needs me.

There were days that I could not wait for her to go to school. We both needed a break from each other. But now that the time has come, I am seeing that I really am not ready for her to go to school. I know it will be good for both of us but soon after preschool is Kindergarten then preteen and then teen. I feel that once she is in school full time, the years will fly by and my baby won’t be so baby anymore.

She starts school on Monday. Wish me luck and keep us in your prayers.

My First Fondant Covered Cake

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you all are having a great day! I mentioned in a previous post that I do cake decorating.  During the next few weeks I will be sharing with you all the cakes I have done.

I started cake decorating when my daughter turned 2. I have always found cake decorating interesting. I have an aunt who does it for a living and a very good friend who does it as a hobby. My true obsession started when I was pregnant and started watching the show Cake Boss. I thought the stuff he did with fondant (and buttercream) was amazing. That started my research on fondant and cake decorating as a whole.

I decided to make my daughter her cake for her 2nd birthday. This was pretty brave of me, since I was 1 month away from giving birth to my son and in the middle of potty training her. Her birthday is in August and nearing the end of my pregnancy in the hot heat of the desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico, I was very uncomfortable, had swollen feet and was HOT 24 hours a day. I did not feel adventurous enough to make my own fondant at this point. Off to Walmart I went and bought some Wilton pre-made fondant and had my friend make me some of her yummy tasting fondant. As this time, I had no idea what she made it out of, but it tasted much better than Wilton’s pre-made fondant. She did not color it for me. She told me she usually air brushes her colors on her fondant. That was out of the question for me. There was no way I was going to invest in an airbrush machine to make this cake. What if I didn’t like cake decorating after all? That would be a waste of money! I continued to research how to color the white fondant to the colors I wanted for my cake. Everything I found was going to be too time consuming. Remember, I am 8 months pregnant in the desert…

I ventured out to WalMart and found something that I thought would work perfect. It was Wilton’s Color Mist. Hey, it was airbrushing with a fraction of the cost! Woo hoo! Score! So this is what I ended up using for the cake. It was so easy to use. I loved it.

On the first 2 pictures you will see that I used too much buttercream under the fondant. That is what makes it look kinda lumpy. (for lack of a better word) The purple fondant is actually the white homemade fondant sprayed with the Color Mist. The green rope is also sprayed with the color mist.

Dora Cake 1 Dora Cake 2 Dora Cake 3

The stars, number, balls, dots, etc. where made out of the pre-made fondant by Wilton.

Dora Cake 4 Dora Cake 5

Below, you will see the cutest centerpiece I have ever seen. My daughter’s Godmother made it for her!

Dora centerpiece

Matching cupcakes with Dora and Boots rings. You can get them from Amazon here.

Dora Cupcakes 1st try

Everything together at the party! Everyone loved it!  Lot’s of flaws in my first fondant covered cake but it was a blast making it!!

Dora Cake & Cupcakes

I hope you all enjoyed my post. Let me know if you have any questions at all!