Monthly Archives: July 2013

Update on weight

Sorry I disappeared there for awhile. Our laptop crashed and I now have a new desktop. Get ready for some reading! 🙂


Update on my weight. As of last week I was at 140 pounds! Yay me! After juicing I decided to start counting my calories. It is amazing at how many calories get sneak in when your not watching…or should I say, when you are stuffing the rest of your kids food in your mouth because you don’t want the food to go to waste. I started using because that is what I used years ago when I did calorie counting. After a few days I found and started using that instead. I have found that it is more user friendly and has a lot more foods already listed in the database. This really helps me since I am usually running after a nearly 2 year old and keep my nearly 4 year old in check.  I have set my daily calorie goal to be 1200 calories.

I have been doing good staying within those calories until this past weekend. Yesterday was my birthday and I may have celebrated with a bit too much food the last couple of days.  Although, I am disappointed in myself, I am not giving up. Today is a new day and I am going to get back to the calorie counting.

Happy Monday everyone!