Daily Archives: June 20, 2013

I made it!

Yay I made it through the first half of my journey. I did 5 days of full juicing and lost a total of 5 1/2 pounds between the time I was preparing my body and the full days of juicing. I looked in the mirror this evening and noticed my face didn’t look so round and my stomach (one of my trouble spots) looked thinner! Woo Hoo!

By the last day of juicing I was getting really tired of having to keep washing my juicer and throwing out my trash. Whew! The pulp was making my trash and kitchen stink! I did save 3 gallon sized bags of pulp and froze them, but after awhile, I gave up and started throwing it in the trash. Laziness on my part.

Yesterday was my first day introducing “whole” food back into my diet. I printed out the first 5 days from the 10 day meal plan from Joe (www.rebootwithjoe.com) and followed it. I was exhausted. Not just tired, exhausted! I couldn’t stop yawning and had no energy. Although I still had fruits and vegetables, it took a lot of energy for my body to digest it. It felt so good to eat food…without drinking it.

Today is my second day and I did not follow the meal plan I mentioned. I am out of a lot of the ingredients once again. This is starting to get expensive. I introduced my body back into beans, almonds, sunflower seeds, quinoa, coconut oil, Ezekiel tortillas (http://www.foodforlife.com/products?field_product_brand_value=Ezekiel&tid_1=15&tid=All) and extra virgin oil. Dinner tasted so good I almost resorted back to the old me where I just wanted to stuff everything in my mouth cause it tasted so good. My husband had to remind me, that I did not do this journey of juicing, to just throw it all away by overeating, etc.

My temptation for today was the homemade cake, frosting and fondant I made for a friend’s son’s birthday. One of my hobbies is cake decorating (more about this in a future post). My husband brought up a good point, maybe cake decorating wasn’t a good idea for me do anymore. If I want to continue living a healthier life, I am not going to be able to constantly have the temptation of cakes. That got me thinking….hmmm. Now what? I was just starting to get good. I have seen recipes for healthier versions of cupcakes, frosting and desserts that I want to try one day. But right now, I think I need to stay away from the temptation until I reach my heath goals. I know this is going to be hard.  Wish me luck and strength!!