Trying for 4 juices today

Hello everyone!  I made it through yet another day! Today I did 4 juices and the only food that was not juice that I ate was 2 personal sized baked oatmeal and a few handfuls of roasted and salted sunflower kernels. I made the oatmeal “bites” on Sunday and we have been eating them for breakfast through the week. They have really kept me from getting hungry. I didn’t write down the website that I got the recipe from but I would love to share it with everyone. If you are interested in it, I can add in a future post.

I have felt great today! I have had a lot of energy. I took Little Miss to bible school, visited a friend, did laundry, painted my kitchen, read to the kids, made macaroni and cheese from scratch for the family, did dishes, and put the kids to bed. I am surprised that I am still going! I am usually very tired. I am proud of myself to get so much done! Go me!! Woo hoo!

It took so much for me to not take one taste out of the mac and cheese. I really wanted to try it. I am trying to stop feeding my family food that has the artificial dyes like Yellow #5 and #6. Here are some links to catch you up on the issues that have arisen from these artificial dyes. ( In case, you are not familiar with it)

Tomorrow I will try again for 4 juices or 5. We will see how I am doing tomorrow. This is turning out to be a good experience. I completely believe that it is going successfully because I am slowly adding the juicing and eliminating “regular” food. I am getting more confident as the days go by.

I will be tempted tomorrow yet again with pizza. Yummy Dions pizza. Little Miss will be having a small presentation at the end of her bible school and there will be Dions pizza served. Yikes! That is going to be hard!

I read some of this website and it is a good read! It really provided me with some motivation to keep up what I have started. Take a look! You might be able to identify with some of the stuff she has to say. Warning: she is very opinionated and blunt. Personally, I love it. Take a look.   If anything, make sure and read her Crap Pushers Letter.   Let me know what you think!



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