Daily Archives: June 12, 2013

3 Juices a day

Hello everyone!

I made it through the day with 3 juices. I was running around all day with the kids so I did not get much food in me or much juice until the afternoon. Not sure if it was the lack of nutrients but I have been exhausted today. I did not eat enough. My own fault. No headaches but starving all day long. Today I had the Carrot Apple Lemon, Purple Passion and the Watermelon Crush. Purple Passion is going to the top of the list of favorites. The only downside was that it did not produce enough juice. I made Little Miss some grape juice before I added the rest of the ingredients and it was a hit! She loved it. The Carrot, Apple and Lemon was Little Man’s favorite today. He also really liked the Watermelon Crush. Since basil and mint are expensive to buy, I have been wanting my own plant. I know basil is really easy to grow but I have never tried to grow mint. While getting groceries for me yesterday, my husband went ahead and bought me basil and mint plants. That was a great surprise! I have grown basil in our garden the last couple of years and it is so easy to grow. Not sure why it is so expensive to buy in the store. Since we have just moved into our new house, I don’t have a garden this year.

I took a nap when the kids napped today. I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

As I promised, I did a weigh in this morning. 145.5 Not what I would like but at least it is something.  We will see if I will have 3 or 4 juices tomorrow.

Time for bed. Still exhausted.