Preparing my body for full juicing

Happy Friday everyone!!    This is what I am trying to do as I begin my juicing journey. This is taken from the Reboot with Joe website.  Good thing I have already been doing a lot of this for the last year or so! The hardest part for me is the sugar, desserts, bacon, fried food meat and dairy. What is your weakness? I would love to hear your answers.

Getting Ready
The cleaner your diet is going into the Reboot, the faster you will get to the feel-great phase! The week before you start your Reboot:
•Reduce processed or “junk” foods, white flours, sugar, desserts, fried food
•Eliminate fast food, processed meats like bacon or deli meats, and alcohol
•Transition off meat
•Transition off dairy
•Reduce caffeine
•Stay hydrated (at least 64-72 ounces (2-2.5 Litres) a day, or more if you are overweight or active)
•Get extra sleep
•Eat more salads, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and vegetables
•Drink at least one fresh juice daily



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