Day 2 of preparing for my full juicing journey

Day 2 of preparing for my full juicing journey

Food Journal

– Muesli  (find out more muesli at

-1/4 banana -oolong tea sweetened with stevia (find out more about oolong tea at or

-Mediterranean Quinoa Salad ( I followed this recipe

-1 apricot

-2 sliced apples with my favorite peanut butter ( this is it

-refried beans with pork roast

Juice of the Day: 

Green Lemonade 6-8 kale leaves ( I used one little bunch of mixed greens)

3 handfuls of spinach (I used baby spinach. They aren’t as dirty as the regular spinach)

1 green apple (I used a red apple)

1 cucumber 2 celery stalks (I used 1 cucumber)

1 lemon

This sounded very appetizing and is actually very good. I figured I would try a new juice for the day to keep my motivation alive! I didn’t have all the ingredients so I referenced Joe’s substitution list for this juice.

I made it through the day. I had a headache for about half the day but I just ate more and drank more water. After awhile my headache went away. I may not have consumed enough calories or drank enough water and that was what caused the headache. The juice today was really good! Much better than yesterdays. Could be because I love lemonade and this was much like regular lemonade. (without all the sugar)

Other than the headache, I feel great! Yay! I made it through day 2! We are having unexpected guests this evening and for the weekend. Yay! I’m excited and so are my kids! Nana and papo are coming! Yay! What!?!?! I am on a diet. What is going to happen now?  This is going to be hard. But I am going to stick with it! On with my plan. Now I have to go to the grocery store and buy all the “bad” food for the weekend. It is going to be hard to stay away from the bread, tortillas and fried potatoes for breakfast.  Oh my…this is going to be hard. I CAN DO IT!! I CAN DO IT!!


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