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I made it!

Yay I made it through the first half of my journey. I did 5 days of full juicing and lost a total of 5 1/2 pounds between the time I was preparing my body and the full days of juicing. I looked in the mirror this evening and noticed my face didn’t look so round and my stomach (one of my trouble spots) looked thinner! Woo Hoo!

By the last day of juicing I was getting really tired of having to keep washing my juicer and throwing out my trash. Whew! The pulp was making my trash and kitchen stink! I did save 3 gallon sized bags of pulp and froze them, but after awhile, I gave up and started throwing it in the trash. Laziness on my part.

Yesterday was my first day introducing “whole” food back into my diet. I printed out the first 5 days from the 10 day meal plan from Joe ( and followed it. I was exhausted. Not just tired, exhausted! I couldn’t stop yawning and had no energy. Although I still had fruits and vegetables, it took a lot of energy for my body to digest it. It felt so good to eat food…without drinking it.

Today is my second day and I did not follow the meal plan I mentioned. I am out of a lot of the ingredients once again. This is starting to get expensive. I introduced my body back into beans, almonds, sunflower seeds, quinoa, coconut oil, Ezekiel tortillas ( and extra virgin oil. Dinner tasted so good I almost resorted back to the old me where I just wanted to stuff everything in my mouth cause it tasted so good. My husband had to remind me, that I did not do this journey of juicing, to just throw it all away by overeating, etc.

My temptation for today was the homemade cake, frosting and fondant I made for a friend’s son’s birthday. One of my hobbies is cake decorating (more about this in a future post). My husband brought up a good point, maybe cake decorating wasn’t a good idea for me do anymore. If I want to continue living a healthier life, I am not going to be able to constantly have the temptation of cakes. That got me thinking….hmmm. Now what? I was just starting to get good. I have seen recipes for healthier versions of cupcakes, frosting and desserts that I want to try one day. But right now, I think I need to stay away from the temptation until I reach my heath goals. I know this is going to be hard.  Wish me luck and strength!!



Today is Father’s Day and my third full day of Juicing. I didn’t get a good night’s rest.  I went to bed too late and them Little Miss woke up a couple times during the night and then woke up super early. I woke up tired and grumpy.  The juices that I have been drinking are getting old.  Old as in,  I’m tired of the same juices.  I went onto Joe’s website and got some new recipes for tomorrow and the upcoming days.  I was bummed that I was not able to take my husband to dinner.  I ran out of some ingredients yet again. Off to Sprouts again.  I am ending the day being hungry once again. I don’t think I can get any more liquid in me.  I’m sure I will be peeing all night. 

Another thing I’m tired of is whenever it’s a holiday like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or someone dies,  everyone on Facebook makes that person sound like the best dad,  mom,  person ever, when you know for a fact that the person they are talking about is definitely not the person they make them out to be.  Everyone wants to make everyone else believe they have the best dad,  spouse,  mom,  etc.  When they really don’t.  Cause who is really going to say, ” Happy Father’s Day to my dad,  the worst dad ever. ”  or  “Happy Father’s Day to my husband who never helps me with the kids or plays with them. ”   The joys of Facebook.  Lol
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Do Juice Cleanses Really Work?

This post gave me reinforcement to keep up what I am doing.



I had always been suspicious of the words juice ‘fast’, ‘cleanse’, ‘detox’??
They would make me shake my head and wince at the thought of frothy green gunk that strange health freaks drank – no normal, sane person would do it would they? ‘ I like to CHEW my food and WHERE do they get their protein?’ I imagined a multitude of people feeling faint from hunger but suffering on in the misconception that ‘its good for you!’
Over the last 18 months I’ve watched Joe Cross’ documentary movie ‘ Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ ( at the insistence of my freaky husband, Paul) and seen how juicing helped Paul lose 50lbs ( 22.7 KG) and has given him a new lease of life. However, it took until 2 weeks ago for me to actually try it myself- I had worked up to this moment- starting last year with just…

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Fully Juicing

Hello! Yesterday was my first day fully juicing.  It was a hard day to get through.  My daughter had her final day of Bible School and they had a small presentation and lots of food. Lots and lots of bad and tempting food. There was yummy Dions pizza,  cookies, chips, popcorn,  lemonade,  etc.  There was a variety of each and every bad food. Thank God there was some fruit and water. I was able to get myself some watermelon, blueberries, strawberries and a big cup of water. So… I actually had food instead of juicing. Since that stuff is something that goes into my juices, I consider it a juice. I made my juice the night before because I knew we were going to be rushing out the door. I had my hot water with lemon while I got the kids ready and then drank my juice while I was driving and out for the morning. I was hoping to find some coconut water in the refrigerated area of the store with all the other bottled waters, cokes, etc. but there weren’t any. I was starving by the time I got to the church for the presentation. It took everything outta me to not grab a handful of chips or a slice of pizza or any of the other yummy but bad for you food there. I grabbed the fruit and filled up my cup of water and sat down to eat with my kids. Good thing Little Man was misbehaving, it was a good distraction for me. I now know that I am stronger than I ever thought I was or could be.

Eye on the prize! I had to keep my eye on the prize! I NEED to do this for my health. If I don’t take care of this now, I never will. I don’t want to end up becoming a diabetic like my mom and so many others in my family. I don’t want to get so big that I don’t want to weigh myself or be able to get on the floor and roll around with my kids. It’s time to put a stop to this. Time to get healthy. I am doing it! NOW! Not tomorrow. Not after the next birthday party, not after we come from vacation, but RIGHT NOW! I am so proud of myself right now.

Today I was very tired and didn’t eat (drink) much because I took a nap while my husband watched the kids. When I got up I didn’t want to wake the kids from their naps by starting the juicer, so I ended up having some coconut water until they woke up. By then, I was starving, thirsty (I hadn’t drank enough water) lightheaded and had a headache. I was so ready to just pop anything in my mouth! I just wanted food! Instead, I made my juice and started dinner for the rest of the family. It smelled so good! I just wanted one bowl of the spaghetti. Instead, I started washing dishes and distracted myself. We had planned to go to a birthday party today at 4 but I was too weak and I really didn’t want to deal with temptation again. Especially with the temptation of cake and ice cream.

I have been drinking juice for about 5 hours now. I just can’t shake the hungry feeling. I have been to the bathroom at least a hundred times today. My pee is so clear you can’t even tell there is pee in the toilet. lol. Too much info! Sorry!

I’m still very tired and ready for bed. Good night!

Trying for 4 juices today

Hello everyone!  I made it through yet another day! Today I did 4 juices and the only food that was not juice that I ate was 2 personal sized baked oatmeal and a few handfuls of roasted and salted sunflower kernels. I made the oatmeal “bites” on Sunday and we have been eating them for breakfast through the week. They have really kept me from getting hungry. I didn’t write down the website that I got the recipe from but I would love to share it with everyone. If you are interested in it, I can add in a future post.

I have felt great today! I have had a lot of energy. I took Little Miss to bible school, visited a friend, did laundry, painted my kitchen, read to the kids, made macaroni and cheese from scratch for the family, did dishes, and put the kids to bed. I am surprised that I am still going! I am usually very tired. I am proud of myself to get so much done! Go me!! Woo hoo!

It took so much for me to not take one taste out of the mac and cheese. I really wanted to try it. I am trying to stop feeding my family food that has the artificial dyes like Yellow #5 and #6. Here are some links to catch you up on the issues that have arisen from these artificial dyes. ( In case, you are not familiar with it)

Tomorrow I will try again for 4 juices or 5. We will see how I am doing tomorrow. This is turning out to be a good experience. I completely believe that it is going successfully because I am slowly adding the juicing and eliminating “regular” food. I am getting more confident as the days go by.

I will be tempted tomorrow yet again with pizza. Yummy Dions pizza. Little Miss will be having a small presentation at the end of her bible school and there will be Dions pizza served. Yikes! That is going to be hard!

I read some of this website and it is a good read! It really provided me with some motivation to keep up what I have started. Take a look! You might be able to identify with some of the stuff she has to say. Warning: she is very opinionated and blunt. Personally, I love it. Take a look.   If anything, make sure and read her Crap Pushers Letter.   Let me know what you think!



3 Juices a day

Hello everyone!

I made it through the day with 3 juices. I was running around all day with the kids so I did not get much food in me or much juice until the afternoon. Not sure if it was the lack of nutrients but I have been exhausted today. I did not eat enough. My own fault. No headaches but starving all day long. Today I had the Carrot Apple Lemon, Purple Passion and the Watermelon Crush. Purple Passion is going to the top of the list of favorites. The only downside was that it did not produce enough juice. I made Little Miss some grape juice before I added the rest of the ingredients and it was a hit! She loved it. The Carrot, Apple and Lemon was Little Man’s favorite today. He also really liked the Watermelon Crush. Since basil and mint are expensive to buy, I have been wanting my own plant. I know basil is really easy to grow but I have never tried to grow mint. While getting groceries for me yesterday, my husband went ahead and bought me basil and mint plants. That was a great surprise! I have grown basil in our garden the last couple of years and it is so easy to grow. Not sure why it is so expensive to buy in the store. Since we have just moved into our new house, I don’t have a garden this year.

I took a nap when the kids napped today. I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

As I promised, I did a weigh in this morning. 145.5 Not what I would like but at least it is something.  We will see if I will have 3 or 4 juices tomorrow.

Time for bed. Still exhausted.


Day 6 of juicing and a very busy day in life!

Hello everyone! I write this with a chocolate cupcake with beautiful red homemade buttercream staring at me. It wants me to eat it! “EAT ME! EAT ME!! You love me! Just a little taste won’t hurt! ” Ugh! I knew I shouldn’t have kept any cupcakes from last night. 😦 It’s ok though…I am reaching to my big cup filled of my 2nd juice of the day.

Busy day “living” today. My daughter went to her 2nd day of bible school for the morning while I took little brother for a haircut. Little Miss did great today! She actually let me leave her without hanging on to my leg. Little brother was the hard one to get out of there today. He got to play in the sandbox and a little house outside. He was having too much fun to be torn away to go get a haircut. This was his 2nd haircut for my little man of 20 months. He is NOT a fan of them. But he looks oh so cute! Off to the tire place to get a patch on my husbands truck tire. What? We need tires asap? I thought we could save up for them a little longer. Oh wait! I guess they aren’t as expensive as we anticipated. We’ve got the cash! Go for it! Replace all 4!

Well, I need to go pick up the little Miss from bible school. Yikes, this is going to be a long day. No babysitter, no lunch and not enough snacks with us. OH! and of course we are going to miss nap time! Yay! This should be fun! (hear my sarcasm?) My first juice of the day is supposed to be for lunch. Now what? What am I going to feed the little ones? They have yet to ever (except once for little Miss) to have McDonald’s, Burger King, etc. What to do, what to do? Dions to the rescue! It is right next door to the tire shop and we can walk right over. They have something for me and something for the kids that we approve of. Whew! That was close. Pizza for the kids and a salad for momma.

I will spare you the details of the rest of our stay at the tire shop. Let’s just say we stayed there for a total of 3 1/2 hours.  Little man took a short nap on the drive home, which meant, early to bed. Thank GOD!  I was getting tired from the 102 degree weather today, a hyper little Miss and getting cranky little man.

It was dinner time by the time we made it home. I need to get a juice in me STAT! I have not eaten enough at this point of the day. Surprisingly I was not starving, nor did I have a headache, nor was I weak. But if I wanted to keep up with the kids and husband for the evening, I needed a juice! I look at my list of recipes. WHAT? I don’t have all the ingredients for ANY of the recipes. That is ok! I will just mix and match what I have. UM NO! Then I will make some gross concoction and then never want to juice again. I couldn’t risk that! I hate to bother my husband again BUT…if I must…this is an emergency right? I think so! He went to the store yet again to get me more fruit and vegetables. This time I gave him a list that should get me through the next few days. He is awesome! Awesome I tell you! 🙂

While I wait. I can’t think of what to make the rest of the family for dinner. MUST! WORK! FAST! (hear my robot voice?) Quesedillas! That is fast! Kids love them. Fast to cook. Which means, fast dinner then on to bath and bed for the kids. It also means, they go to bed early and momma gets to blog! woo hoo! Win win for all! The only problem…the temptation of the cheese…ooohhh the tortilla. Just a little piece. Just a little bite. NO JEANETTE!!  Keep your eye on the prize. If you could make it through lunch without getting a bite of the kids pizza then you CAN do this! So I did!

I immediately made my first juice of the day. It was called Red, White, Blue (& Green). It contained 1/4 honeydew ( which I used in place of watermelon) 2 handfuls of blueberries (handfuls is what the recipe said. But who’s hand. My hand is a lot smaller than a man’s.) 6-8 Kale leaves.  The result: I loved it. Probably one of my favorites. I used the honeydew I already had cut up. I was working fast and it was going to take too long to cut up the watermelon my husband just brought home.  Fast forward an hour and I decide I should drink another juice. I don’t want to go to bed starving and I think I need more nutrients for the day. I chose to try another new juice. This time around I am drinking a Garden Variety. This contains 2 apples, 2 cucumbers, 6-8 kale leaves and 1 handful of parsley. I am really liking this one too.

Hold on a sec…I need to take a drink.

Ok. I’m back. 🙂

I can tell you 2 things about drinking 2 juices right after the other.

1) They will send you straight to the potty!

2) I know I am going to be peeing all night with all this liquid in me.  (oh well, it will just be like when I was pregnant! ha ha)

My husband also got home drinking a can of coconut water. I know that is what I will have to start incorporating into my full juicing reboot. The thing is…I love coconut, coconut milk and flour. But not too sure of the coconut water. Does anyone have a good brand that they recommend? Thanks!

Ok! Ok! I won’t keep you any longer! I am done for now. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow. Maybe I will even do a weigh in. I still haven’t decided if I want to go to 3 juices tomorrow. I’ll sleep on it!

Good night!

Day 5 of juicing

WOW! Is it really already day 5 of juicing? Did I really make it through this far? It may not seem like that long when your only doing one or 2 juices a day, but if your like me, easily tempted by food, then you know that is something to be proud of. Today was the 2nd day of juicing 2 times again. The more I juice and drink the same few juices, I’m really coming to like them. I also seem  to be having more energy. Temptation with cheese and other foods is hard. I have 2 small children and a husband who are not on this “diet” with me and whom I still have to cook for and feed. Today I also made chicken alfredo with french bread and cupcakes for a friend of ours and her family. She has been through a lot in the last few months with having premature babies, surgeries and more than her share of health problems. She finally welcomed home her baby son (her baby daughter has been home 2 weeks) and I wanted to prepare a meal for them to help take one thing off their plate. I did the same when they took home their daughter. Their family is now complete. 🙂

The temptation to eat the food I made them is so hard. I am still eating regular food but I am trying to cut out as much as I can so that I can make a smooth transition into the full juicing period. This weekend is fathers day and I would like to take my husband to dinner and make him a dessert, but I am not so sure how I will do with the temptation. 😦 We will see….only time will tell.

I have not exercised thus far because I am scared to get weak and faint. Not sure why I am so worried about it right now since I am not totally on juicing day in and day out. lol


Juices of the day:

Sunrise:  I am really getting to like this one

Un-Beet-able: YUCK! This one was hard to get down. It is going to take some getting used to.

I stayed hungry today and was starting to get moody like I usually do when I am hungry. I ended up eating some honeydew and some almonds and that really helped my hunger. I hate feeling hungry. Getting really really nervous of going full juice.

That’s all for now!

Days 3 & 4

Hello! I have now completed days 3 and 4. I was hoping to do better, but with my parents in town, I didn’t do as good. I am only human and I am trying! I didn’t eat horribly bad or anything, it’s just that I was hoping that I would have totally been meat, processed food, cheese, etc. free by now. I keeping on with my goal though.

Day 3 I had Carrot Apple Lemon  Juice

– 4 carrots

-2 apples

-1 lemon


Day 4 I had 2 juices for the first time. The juices I had today were great. I really liked them. I actually think I just really like the citrus in them. lol It makes the juice taste so much better. You know they are good when they are kid approved! My nearly 2 year old loved the juice from both day 3 and 4. Then again, he loves ALL food. lol

Juices of the day.

Sunrise and Green Lemonade

As you all can probably tell, I am sticking to the same few juices. Mostly because this is what I have the ingredients for. I have yet to try Red Juices and Purple Juices. As I eat more and more I am noticing how much each juice yields different amounts each time.  Today I was able to have Green Lemonade with the Kale mixed in and the celery. I send my husband to the store AGAIN. Poor guy. But I really want to get as much kale in the recipes it calls for because I know how good Kale is for you! 

That’s all for now!

Day 2 of preparing for my full juicing journey

Day 2 of preparing for my full juicing journey

Food Journal

– Muesli  (find out more muesli at

-1/4 banana -oolong tea sweetened with stevia (find out more about oolong tea at or

-Mediterranean Quinoa Salad ( I followed this recipe

-1 apricot

-2 sliced apples with my favorite peanut butter ( this is it

-refried beans with pork roast

Juice of the Day: 

Green Lemonade 6-8 kale leaves ( I used one little bunch of mixed greens)

3 handfuls of spinach (I used baby spinach. They aren’t as dirty as the regular spinach)

1 green apple (I used a red apple)

1 cucumber 2 celery stalks (I used 1 cucumber)

1 lemon

This sounded very appetizing and is actually very good. I figured I would try a new juice for the day to keep my motivation alive! I didn’t have all the ingredients so I referenced Joe’s substitution list for this juice.

I made it through the day. I had a headache for about half the day but I just ate more and drank more water. After awhile my headache went away. I may not have consumed enough calories or drank enough water and that was what caused the headache. The juice today was really good! Much better than yesterdays. Could be because I love lemonade and this was much like regular lemonade. (without all the sugar)

Other than the headache, I feel great! Yay! I made it through day 2! We are having unexpected guests this evening and for the weekend. Yay! I’m excited and so are my kids! Nana and papo are coming! Yay! What!?!?! I am on a diet. What is going to happen now?  This is going to be hard. But I am going to stick with it! On with my plan. Now I have to go to the grocery store and buy all the “bad” food for the weekend. It is going to be hard to stay away from the bread, tortillas and fried potatoes for breakfast.  Oh my…this is going to be hard. I CAN DO IT!! I CAN DO IT!!